Founded in 2016, in Ribeirao Preto / SP - Brazil, AERO CONCEPTS - Aerospace - Industrial and Defense is a company committed to technological innovation for development of systems and products that require high performance and reliability.

It was initially founded to meet the needs of their owners in the fields of Medicine and Aeronautics focusing on high technology requirements, systems and equipment reliability to enable assertive decision making.

Mr. Alexandre Roma, one of the founders of the company, has more than two decades of experience as an engineer and manager of RD&I (Research, Development and Innovation) at the largest companies in the world that manufacture turbomachinery and thermal plants. His expertise focuses on turbomachinery projects, diagnostics, process optimization, remote monitoring, control and troubleshooting in Brazil and abroad, including a vast and proven fieldwork experience.
Office Garden Ribeirão Preto/SP
Pq. Tec. - São José dos Campos/SP
AERO CONCEPTS is currently consolidated in the market for design, consultancies and services in turbomachinery applied to power generation on thermal plants in the order of 250 MW, design of control systems and test benches for the industrial and aerospace sectors.

Aiming to expand its participation in the Aerospace and Defense sectors, to become a national manufacturer and supplier of gas turbine technology for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and aeronautical systems, AERO CONCEPTS takes a big step towards its goal with the opening of Unit II at Paraíba Valley, on the premises of the Technological Park of São José dos Campos, considered one of the largest innovation and entrepreneurship complex in Brazil.

Within the Technological Park of São José dos Campos, a national reference in innovation and high technology, AERO CONCEPTS enhances Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) of its products and services, expands partnerships with new companies, structures and institutions that collaborate in the evolution and in the development of gas turbines and supervision, control and testing systems for the civil and defense markets, enhancing the synergy between the company and the Aerospace Science and Technology Department (DCTA) in existing and future projects.