To be a leading company with a strong brand in innovation and development of scientific-technological solutions with efficient, reliable, high-quality, sustainable and cost-effective products and services. To keep the organization in constant progress, being the human resource the main driving force to satisfy customers and lead the company to excellence.


Vision 2020+ is to be recognized as one of the main global forces of its products and services, being a leader in its segments and recognized by the levels of excellence in its corporate activities in Brazil and abroad as a notorious company capable of transforming Research and Development into Innovation.


DISCIPLINE AND HYERARCHY RESPECT | Discipline, meritocracy, awareness of responsibilities, compliance with internal rules and regulations, methodology, focus and respect for the company's hierarchies. Disciplined collaborators aware of their positions, acts and responsibilities inside and outside the company.

ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE AS A BASIS | Ethics is the foundation on which the company was built as well as a duty of its administrators, collaborators and service providers. In all circumstances we work with responsibility, correctness, integrity, honesty and a sense of justice. Compliance is within the highest ethical and behavior standards with two main dimensions: conformity and integrity. In short, compliance is about fulfilling agreements and standards, while integrity is about preventing money laundering, combating the financing of terrorism and taking measures against fraud and corruption.

OUR PEOPLE ARE OUR COMPANY | People with initiative, happiness, competence, valorization, accomplishment, creativity and commitment to what they do. People who work in teams and act with integrity, consistency, mutual trust and respect for others and to diversity.

OUR CLIENTS IN OUR EXISTENCE | To seek customer loyalty through total satisfaction for strong and lasting relationships. Establish partnerships with real commitment and flexibility.

BUSINESS EXCELLENCE | Simplicity, speed, flexibility and safety with a permanent search for continuous improvement and excellence. Entrepreneurship based on integrated planning, leadership, responsible delegation and discipline in implementation.

INNOVATION, CREATIVITY AND DARE | Being in the technological vanguard with capacity to innovate, to learn, to transform the internal reality and to influence the markets in which it operates. Strategic vision and ability to overcome challenges with creativity, scientific rigor, persistence and focus.

COMPANY WITHOUT FRONTIERS | Global focus and presence with local actions, increase of competitiveness through partnerships, associations and use of each one's potential in different locations. Vision of a world without borders preserving ethics, diversity and culture.

SUSTAINABLES PERENITY AND FUTURE | Permanent consolidation of the corporative bases for its perpetuity, continuous growth, technological advance, new products, innovation with profitability and respect to the quality of life, to the environment and to society.

Operations and Engineering Director