PAMSER Software is the base platform for the integrated systems Visus Cycle and Visus Flight, respectively, used in industrial and aeronautical sectors.
The “Advanced Remote Energy Modeling and Simulation Program” named PAMSER offers modular features that facilitate arrangement and analysis of thermal cycles and / or operational conditions. It is an advanced computational tool for models and simulations of thermal plants and propulsive systems.

The most robust version of the software has been used for remote monitoring and data analysis of thermal plants in Brazil and abroad. This version brings faster interventions and increased operational availability for power generation, seeking to achieve maximum unit performance and reduce interruption events, all within the shortest response times in the market.

VisusCycle® / VisusFlight®

VisusCycle and VisusFlight are integrated AAC package systems - AeroC Availability Care.
VisusCycle: System applied to thermal cycles and industrial systems.
VisusFlight: System applied to test benches and propulsive systems.
Both VisusCycle and VisusFlight are integrated systems that have real-time data monitoring and data analysis softwares run by PAMSER.
AAC is a comprehensive modular package idealized to support maintenance, performance reviews and projects analysis (new projects and upgrades) that was carefully designed to ensure that the customer has proper predictability in the execution of his budget allowing most effective controls of maintenance and project costs.


The AFA777 TJ is the FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) of the AERO CONCEPTS product line applied to the ATJA45-50 Turbojet of its own manufacture.

Based on the EEC (Electronic Engine Controller) developed by AERO CONCEPTS, the AFA777 TJ has customized modular hardware and software.
As product of an aeronautical turbine manufacturer for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), the AFA777 TJ has functions developed from the design data of these turbines, provides automatic protection of the engine against off-limits operations, integrates the engine with other systems from the UAV, operates the engine according to pre-programmed missions (autonomous flight) or in real time (remotely controlled flight) providing the expected performance combined with the structural integrity of the engine.


TurboAcsys® is the most modern and complete family of control systems for industrial turbomachinery and thermal plants in the national and international markets.

Applications: Steam turbine, gas turbine, compressors and mechanical drives.

For the TurboAcsys®, AERO CONCEPTS brought together decades of experience in designing and commissioning turbomachinery and in control systems with the most modern technologies of intelligent autonomous systems in the world. TurboAcsys® is recommended in sectors that require high reliability, such as aeronautical. With a modular configuration, each module was developed by specialists aiming to serve from simple turbomachinery to complex thermal plants, all of them connected with the operations and remote monitoring center of AERO CONCEPTS.

ATJA45-30 / TR5000

The ATJA 45-30 engine from Aero Concepts, also known as TR5000, is the unique joint Research & Development (R&D) project of an aeronautical gas turbine made along with the Brazilian Air Force (BAF) under its Department of Cience & Aerospace Technology (DCTA). The ATJA 45-30 is currently sponsored by Aero Concepts Company, by BAF / DCTA institutes such as Institute of Aeronautics and Space (IAE) and Technogical Institute of Aeronautics (ITA) and also by Financier of Studies and Projects (FINEP) under the agreement of Ministry of Defense (MD) for sponsorship of new products for the Defense Market.
Tailored for the Defense Market, the ATJA 45-30 engine has a thrust of 3,000 N (674 lbf) and it has been conceived to fly high performance Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) such as Remotely Piloted Aircrafts (RPAs), Target Drones and Cruise Missiles of 1,000 kg maximum takeoff weight up to speeds of Mach 0.9.

As a private company well consolidated in the industrial market of power generation, remarkably on consultancies, design, remote monitoring and services for turbomachinery of thermal plants of up to 250 MW, AERO CONCEPTS seeks for partnerships throughout the world to establish itself in the Defense Market by supplying the ATJA 45-30 engine full package in the context of upcoming UAVs development programs that have their central point on technological independency, comprehensive technical assistance & complete logistical solution.


AERO CONCEPTS turbomachine component development test benches, ThinkTest® series, are composed of modular intelligent systems, equipment and specific instruments integrated to the industry 4.0

The ThinkTest® test benches have intelligent modular systems with flexible capabilities for the development of turbomachinery components such as: compressors, combustion chambers, turbines, nozzles and pumps. In addition to components development, ThinkTest® test benches are also suitable for customized designs, according to the needs of each customer, and for engine tests such as performance, durability and overhaul maintenance.

With experience in the fields of development and testing of turbomachinery, thermal plants, control systems and autonomous intelligent systems, AERO CONCEPTS has the ability to provide test bench solutions for the industrial market, academic and / or applied research aiming validation and improvement of prototypes and technology demonstrators.


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