AERO CONCEPTS Test Bench of the ThinkTest® family will be part of IAE gas turbine development test bench complex.

The IAE testing facilities will be expanded with the installation of a Compressor test bench and an Overspeed test bench supplied and constructed by AERO CONCEPTS to meet the requirements for gas turbine components.
This expansion is part of plan to create a complex of test benches at DCTA/IAE for gas turbine research & development in Brazil. Few countries in the world have the ability to design, develop, manufacture and test gas turbines.
The Construction of a Compressor test bench and an Overspeed test bench are classified as restricted domain technologies in the market. It is worth mentioning that these are the first facilities with such characteristics to be implemented in Brazil.
The AERO CONCEPTS Test Benches of the ThinkTest® family concentrate knowledge from decades of turbomachinery design, development and manufacturing.
The DCTA/IAE Test Bench Complex will be the differential for gas turbine development in Brazil, it will place the country inside the select group of countries that have real conditions for the design and manufacture gas turbines for aeronautical use.
One prerequisite of any turbomachinery development is the existence of its components testing facilities so that one can truly evaluate the design requirements of its parts in order to guarantee the final product reliability and efficiency.
AERO CONCEPTS and its partners are honored with the trust credited by FUNCATE and by DCTA / IAE (one of the largest research centers in the country) with the partnership to develop relevant products of importance to the country.

TurboAcsys® ST e VisusCycle® – AERO CONCEPTS NO EXTERIOR

AERO CONCEPTS supplies Steam Turbine Control Systems and Artificial Intelligence applied to Thermal Plants for an international customer.

The Industrial business unit of AERO CONCEPTS confirms the sale of its products to ARAUCO, one of the largest forestry companies in the world in the Pulp, Wood and Panel segments.
With TurboAcsys® ST for steam turbine control, protection and supervision, integrated with the VisusCycle® Artificial Intelligence and Remote Monitoring System, AERO CONCEPTS will provide a complete solution for SIEMENS turbine modernization abroad, proving ARAUCO's confidence in the team and on AERO CONCEPTS products.


AERO CONCEPTS support the national and international customers remotely during the pandemic period in the planned revisions of their turbines.

In October 2020, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, AERO CONCEPTS use the MASTER services - Remote Monitoring, Analysis and Specialized Technical Services, to support your customers:

  • ARAUCO CELULOSA ARGENTINA - Puerto Esperanza/AR Unit. Monitoring of tests and start-up of the BBC/SIEMENS turbogenerator after annual overhaul carried out by a qualified engineering, maintenance and operation team of the plant, all monitored by an AERO CONCEPTS t turbomachinery specialist.
  • RHODIA BRASIL S.A - Paulínia/BR Unit. Upgrade and testing of the BBC/SIEMENS turbogenerator new control station and positioners. The work was carried out in the field by the AERO CONCEPTS team together with a qualified RHODIA engineering, maintenance and operation team. At a later date, the startup monitoring was carried out by an AERO CONCEPTS turbomachinery specialist.
The tests are monitored and evaluated in real time, giving to the client the necessary work security.
The costs for the customer, comparatively between the MASTER services and the field service by a specialist, The MASTER costs are about 25% less, without considering all the computational resources and tools available in the AERO CONCEPTS used during remote service and are not possible in field service.